So, Jasper, your time on earth and lessons ~ they both went very well
You left us with your legacy ~ only time will tell
Your purpose on earth is done ~ I'll sum it up with these few words
This is something I found on the net ~ I hope you like it, Son

"Life will not go on in the same way without you
If it were the same, we could only conclude your life meant nothing, made no contribution
The fact that you left behind a place that cannot be filled
Is a high tribute to the uniqueness of your soul
Jasper, I miss you"

Today is my birthday ~ You've missed it again
I can't help but wonder ~ Will my heartache ever end

These nights became longer ~ I usually wake at three
My mind just won't stop thinking ~ Of the way life should be

I thought you'd always be here ~ To help me celebrate
But now it's all different ~ I don't crave birthday cake

Who would have thought ~ I'd outlive my youngest son
I took life for granted ~ I won't make that mistake anytime soon

Today is April 30th ~ I turned 44
I still keep on hoping ~ You'll walk through my door

My dreams and wishes for you ~ Didn't seem to work out
Your young body has left us ~ But your spirit still shouts

My life has went forward ~ Though I didn't want to participate
I still wake each morning ~ with that pain on my face

I worry about you ~ What's happening now
Are you happy in Heaven ~ Without your Mother there

Who are your friends ~ Are you able to hang out
Do you get to go fishing ~ Did you get your Chevy Truck

Will you still be fifteen ~ When we finally meet
Has your spirit grown older ~ Now that you're free

Do you still have that sweet smile ~ That melted our hearts
Can you talk your way out ~ Of every score

Do you watch Baby Jasper ~ As he grows up like you
Can you whisper to Lil' Kevin ~ His grandma loves him too

Can you see all your friends ~ You left way behind
They still wear their buffalo necklace ~ They wear it with pride

Are you able to sense  ~ All the kids you have helped
Spreading the word ~ Don't ride with a drunk

Your purpose on earth ~ Must have been fulfilled
But Jasper, I still miss you ~ You'll never be here

I hope you can see ~ Your family from there
You'll always be with us ~ Jasper, my heir

I'll go to your grave ~ On this, my special day
I'll sit down beside you ~ While I gaze wistfully away

I'll again try to tell you ~ How sorry I am
I 'd have traded places with you ~ God wanted you instead

If you were here ~ You'd tease me a lot
44 isn't young ~ That's what you thought

So Jasper I'm thinking ~ Now you are free
To my God above ~ Please keep Jasper safe for me

Written by Susie Cross
April 30, 2001
Another birthday without Jasper