I'm not coming home ~ I've met the Lord today
My sorrows have all gone ~ I really want to stay
I know you love and miss me ~ You wanted what was best
Well let me tell you mom ~ I'm now my happiest
Let someone have my clothes ~ They'll need them more than I
My brand new heavenly home ~ Doesn't allow us to wear tie-dye
Give all my stuff to Michelle ~ She can make better use of those things
Please don't be so sad Mom ~ I am now in eternity
Say goodbye to everyone ~ My family and my friends
I didn't get the chance ~ That's how God wanted it to be
Mom, I'm now in Heaven ~ So far, I've only gotten a glimpse
There are so many people here ~ I'm just now able to meet
It will take me a long time ~ Just to get settled in
There's so much love and happiness ~ I'm really overwhelmed
So Mom, please put that smile back on your face ~ I don't want people to see you sad
I'm in a better place ~ Please try to be happy for me once again
But that's okay for you Mom ~ Even though you may not see it yet
This is the best thing that could have happened ~ My life was not a test
I'm showing off a little ~ That's what everybody says
That's the way it should be ~ I'm the same as I always was
I'm still your youngest son, Mom ~ I'm everybody's friend
It just may take a little while longer ~ To hold me in your arms again
So Mom, please don't be angry ~ For I'm the fortunate one
The party is never over for me ~ I'm still your lucky son
I'll see you soon in Heaven, Mom ~ For me it'll be in the blink of an eye
I love you Mom, forever ~ Please wipe that tear away and let me see you smile
It may seem like you have to suffer ~ It's only for a little while
If you only knew what I knew ~ You would certainly be at peace
So Mom, I will end this message ~ With this great big hug from your son
Remember I'll be there to greet you  ~ At Heavens Golden Gates above
I love you, Mom

Written by Susie Cross
November 4, 2000
Rewritten on June 5, 2001
I love you too, son